Your journey to PeaceFull LIVING begins with an approach tailored specifically for you.

PeaceFull LIVING is possible.

We make it easy.

  • Begin with a Discovery Call so Roberta can LISTEN and LEARN more about you and your needs.

  • Receive recommendations about your personalized plan.

  • Choose the journey that best fits your life.

  • Roberta creates your "PeaceFull  is Possible" customized plan.

  • Take your first step and begin your PeaceFull LIVING life.

Life changes and your journey can too. No matter the journey you choose, Roberta will be your personal coach along the way.

Practice Anywhere

Works With

Your Schedule

No Fancy

Equipment Needed

Enjoy From

Any Device


Each membership includes:

12-month subscription to PeaceFull LIVING TV, a video library handcrafted to support your journey.

Welcome and orientation call for navigating your journey through PeaceFull LIVING TV.

Full access to the "PeaceFull CIRCLE", a private Facebook group community where you can enjoy live classes, support, and direct interaction with Roberta and other members.

Private virtual sessions with Roberta focusing on your choice of Yoga, Meditation, Pilates or Wellness Coaching.

Best for those who:

  • Can devote 30 minutes per week to their journey

  • Are self-motivated

  • Want an independent approach with little coaching


Special Features:

  • Customized PeaceFull is Possible Annual Plan

  • 2 private virtual sessions 

  • 10% off additional private sessions


Best for those who:

  • Can dedicate 2 hours per week to their journey

  • Embrace setting short, yet consistent, time blocks for health, wellness and practice

  • Appreciate value and accountability of coaching


Special Features:

  • Customized PeaceFull is Possible Bi-Annual Plan

  • 6 private virtual sessions 

  • 15% off additional private sessions


Best for those who:

  • Can commit at least 5 hours per week to their journey

  • Dedicate regular time for health, wellness and improving personal practice

  • Welcome private sessions and one-to-one coaching


Special Features:

  • Customized PeaceFull is Possible Quarterly Plan

  • 10 private virtual sessions

  • 20% off additional private sessions


A one-time new member engagement fee will be charged for all plan levels.

Discount is available for yearly pre-payment. See all plans levels here.

Not sure which journey will be best for you?
Roberta wants to help you select your path. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call today!

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The Yoga Warrior Competition supports veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress and other psychological difficulties. That's why we're partnering with Veterans Yoga Project to join their mission of recovery and resilience among those who have served and sacrificed.