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Abundantly Thankful

In honor of Thanksgiving, our blog is a little different this month. As we celebrate our fourth November here in the PeaceFull LIVING community, I find myself sitting in gratitude for each and every one of you. November is the perfect time to PAUSE and express gratitude for the people who have touched our lives.

Here at PeaceFull LIVING, we are truly grateful that you choose to bring us into your home. Whether you have joined us a member, receive our monthly newsletter, read our emails, or simply follow us on social media, we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of your self-care and wellness team.

When I started to share yoga, Pilates, and meditation in a virtual format, I had no idea how many personal relationships would blossom. While most people would argue that it isn’t possible to develop meaningful connections through a screen, I have experienced the complete opposite.

For those of you who join our livestream classes each week, it has been a joy getting to know you through our chats. I love how I get to create each class based on who shows up and what your needs may be on that particular day. Teaching in this way feels so much more personal to me, and I hope it has felt the same for you.

For those of you who put your Self Care Success plan into action through our on-demand library, thank you for carving out time in your day to make yourself a priority. We know it isn’t easy to make time for yourself, and we are honored that you invite us to be part of your journey.

For those of you who have shared your personal experiences with me during a Discovery Call or Self Care Success call, thank you for trusting me with your emotions, goals, and desires. It has been such a pleasure to make personalized recommendations that support your wellness journey. I continue to be impressed by the motivation and discipline each of you practice to make your goals and desires come true.

For those of you who have had the opportunity to work with me in person through private sessions and our VIP Pilates group, thank you for trusting me to be your teacher. I continue to be in awe of the self-awareness, confidence, and courage each of you bring to our sessions.

For those of you who follow along on Instagram and Facebook, I appreciate your thoughtful notes and words of support. Thank you for your trust in me and the work that I do. It’s because of you that I am able to share my passion for Pilates, meditation, yoga, and self-care with more people. Your referrals, likes, comments and follows brighten my day.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, be sure to pause in gratitude. Take a moment to celebrate all of the things you have done (both big and small) to prioritize your health and well-being this year. Acknowledge the moments you choose to put yourself at the top of your list. Then, reach out and thank the people who have supported your journey.

We feel so lucky to have you as part of our community, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. It means the world to us that we get to inspire peaceful moments in your life.

Thank you for your continued belief in us and for spreading the word about the PeaceFull LIVING community. It is because of your thoughtfulness that we are growing and thriving. I look forward to serving you for many years to come.

❤️ Roberta

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