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Feeling sluggish? Time to detox!

In 2000, I was living in Great Falls, Montana. In March, after Connor, my 2 1/2 year old son, experienced a rough bought of pneumonia and was hospitalized for 11 days, I turned to a naturopath to help him heal his immune system. The naturopath gave me a rough outline for a seven day detox (also known as an elimination diet) to wipe the slate clean and see how Connor would respond when we added certain foods back into his diet.

With little experience, only a basic outline, and very few fresh fruits or vegetables available, I struggled with that first cleanse. Even still, I was amazed by the observations I made throughout those initial seven days. The first four days I experienced withdrawals. I remember wondering if people withdrawing from substance abuse experienced similar symptoms. I was cranky, had severe headaches, felt achey, and even had night sweats. My stomach hurt and became quite distended.

After four days, things seemed to shift almost instantly. I woke up on the fifth day with more energy, and my tastebuds came back to life. The bloating disappeared, and my mood improved significantly. From that first awkward experience, I was inspired to make detoxification a part of my life at least twice a year.

Over the past 20 years, nutritional cleanses have become more common. There are many good programs available that offer the structure, support, and delicious recipes you will need to assist you through the detox process.

Choosing a Cleanse

A cleanse can be an incredibly healthy and beneficial way to detox your body, improve how you feel, and get the most out of your favorite nutritional supplements. Detoxing your body is important because it helps move toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances out of your system, allowing your body to function optimally.

There are several types of cleanses to choose from depending on your lifestyle and needs. More than likely, any cleanse you choose will involve eliminating certain foods or food groups from your diet for a period of time.

The Top Two Cleanse Protocols

• Juice Cleanse- Most juice cleanses involve consuming only freshly made juices with fruits and vegetables for a short period of 3-5 days. This can be the simplest way to cleanse, because many juice bars offer a variety of juices you can easily purchase with no time or effort in the kitchen. When you choose a juice cleanse, keep in mind that it will be shocking to your system. Be sure to make room in your schedule for rest, so that you can work through symptoms like severe headaches, muscle aches, and digestive upset.

• Comprehensive Detox- A comprehensive detox program may combine herbal teas, supplements, and dietary restrictions over the course of one to three weeks. The biggest benefit of this protocol is the opportunity it provides for you to reset your digestive system and incorporate new ways of preparing healthy foods. The habits you gain during the cleanse can carry into your life even when you aren’t on the cleanse. While you will still experience some symptoms like headaches and digestive upset on a comprehensive detox, the duration and intensity of your symptoms may be more manageable. It is still important to carve out time for proper rest.

Why Detox?

Routinely taking part in a cleanse generates healthy detoxification pathways in the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. Processed foods and environmental pollutants are typically ingested without our knowledge through air and water exposure. When our organ systems are relieved of toxic overload, they can work more efficiently and filter out harmful substances from the body. Through a cleanse, we create a more alkaline environment in the body which supports optimal functioning of our organ systems.

Additionally, detoxifying your system will improve the efficacy of nutritional supplements. Without the competition of toxins in the digestive tract, your body has a higher absorption rate of vitamins from the foods you eat and the supplements you take to stay healthy.

Main Benefits of a Detox

• supports your overall health and wellbeing

• flushes the body of impurities

• reduces inflammation in the gut

• improves digestion

• helps you identify unhealthy eating patterns

• introduces healthy recipes that can be carried into your normal diet

• improves sleep

• reduces the symptoms of stress on the body

• supports emotional health and well being

A cleanse can be a great way to begin the new year. It is also a great way to transition from one season to the next. However you choose to cleanse, it’s important to follow the protocol correctly. Before you begin, take the time to research the protocol and make sure it will work with your lifestyle and schedule. Consider using a coach to help you through the process, especially on the days when you feel discouraged and want to give up.

If you're looking for success in a detox or cleanse this new year, then look no further than contacting Roberta at PeaceFull LIVING. Roberta has researched and partnered with leading wellness coaches who have developed evidence-based detox protocols. When you work with Roberta's network, she will provide personalized guidance on lifestyle modifications, stress management techniques, yoga, and meditation to assist you in the detox process! Roberta's programs also include access to video resources, in-person meetings, and educational materials so that you can achieve your desired results. Start 2023 with renewed energy by contacting Roberta today!

Reach out through to connect with Roberta further.

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