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Getting Back to Business with COVID-19

Restrictions are lifting and our communities are opening up again. I see traffic and the number of cars in parking lots growing. As people begin to venture out, ready to regain some sort of normalcy, small businesses are excited to welcome customers back. It is likely that business owners and their customers are equally as excited and a bit nervous to begin again.

As a customer, my main objective is to feel safe doing things outside of my home again. I am hesitant to jump back in to all of the things I was doing before the stay at home order. As I prepare to start doing a little more out in public, I am paying close attention to how businesses are supporting safety precautions.

The businesses that have captured my attention have a few common practices:

Their communication is clear and professional.

I have appreciated the businesses who have kept me informed while their doors have been closed. Even more so, I have appreciated the businesses that have communicated when they will open, which services will be available, and how they will practice safety precautions.

They clearly state the safety precautions they will adhere to when their doors open.

As a more reticent customer, I tend to feel more confident in businesses who tell me exactly what their team will be doing to support social distancing as well as employee and customer safety.

Their safety requirements for customers are clearly communicated.

To adhere to social distancing, many businesses are asking customers to make an appointment, then call or text when they arrive. When I see a business communicate what is acceptable, I feel more confident booking an appointment and venturing out.

Safety precautions for employees and customers are congruent.

If a business is making it policy that all employees wear a face mask, but making it optional for their customers, I am less likely to support them. If I show up at a store wearing a face mask and see employees not wearing them, I am less likely to return. To be effective, safety precautions need to be congruent for all.

They are creative in offering services in a new way.

Many businesses will not be able to get back to work in the same way they working before COVID 19. I have appreciated the business owners who have used this time for innovation and creativity. They have continued to put their customers at the forefront of their though process. And they have found new ways to help, support, and serve their customers.

Businesses I have seen offer exceptional service while adhering to safety precautions:


Beauty Lounge

Jamie Herrera Photography

Woodhouse Day Spa Southglenn

Picture Perfect Interiors

Kitchen Showcase

Tagawa Gardens

Vitamin Cottage, Parker

Integrated Ear, Nose and Throat

Cottage Veterinary Hospital

Twin Aspen Dental

Country Club at Castle Pines

Posh Cakes

Party America, Parker

If you have a business you would like to highlight, please leave a comment and let me know what makes them exceptional.

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