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Gratitude is a Discipline

As I write this blog, I am sitting on my patio listening to the waterfall. The bees are busily doing their work on the purple flowers near the fountain.

I can hear the happy chirping of birds in the trees surrounding me.

Right here in this very moment, I am surrounded with gratitude. And still… I sit here feeling empty and sad.

July 1 will be the six-year anniversary of my finalized divorce. June 15 would have been my 26th wedding anniversary. While I have no regrets for leaving an unhealthy marriage, I still find that the wounds that came from staying in an unhealthy relationship continue to heal. It seems to be around this time each year that I am filled with sadness and melancholy.

So why did I choose to write about gratitude this month?”

I keep asking myself this question and feel the immense pressure of the deadline weighing down on me. I’ve been trying to write this blog for two weeks now, and the feeling of failure is creeping in, adding insult to injury.

So, this is what became visible to me this morning… A gratitude practice is a discipline. It is easy to do when things are going well and when we feel our best. Having the discipline to practice gratitude on these days can lay the foundation of support we need for the other days. You know, the days when we feel sad, empty, angry, frustrated, hopeless, defeated… (the list goes on).

It is my belief that a daily gratitude practice calms the mind, reduces stress, and brings more peaceful moments into your day, even on tough days. For example, the gratitude surrounding me here on the patio is comforting. My emotions are with me, and they feel heavy. But, as I turn my focus towards gratitude, I have the ability to feel my emotions and receive comfort at the same time.

A Gift of Gratitude

My gift to you this month is inspiration for your gratitude practice. My hope is that these journaling prompts and meditation will encourage you to invest in a gratitude practice that lifts you up on the tough day and supports your healing through the hard times.

Gratitude Journaling Prompts

  • Celebrations & Achievements- At the end of the day, write down all of the things that you did well. Every single achievement, both great and small, is worthy of celebration.

  • Morning High Five- Begin your day by reflecting on the five people in your life who inspire you, support your growth and development, and love you.

  • Teachers & Mentors- Reflect on the teachers and mentors who have had a positive impact on you. Write down their name along with a sentence or two of gratitude for them.

  • Love- Reflect on the people, places, and things that ignite the feeling of love in your heart. Write them down.

Gratitude Meditation

Lie down or sit comfortably where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Set a timer for five minutes. Close your eyes and think of the word Gratitude. Begin to see the word in your mind as a picture. Give it all the color and detail you can imagine. Continue to create your picture adding in any objects, people, places, or things that come to mind. When the timer rings, open your eyes and notice how you feel. If you feel like journaling, draw the picture you created in your mind as a reminder of what gratitude looks like to you.

For support and encouragement in your gratitude practice, visit Search for Gratitude in our on-demand library and choose the yoga and meditation videos that speak to your heart. For personalized support, visit our Pricing tab, choose Privates and schedule a complimentary Discovery Call.

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