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Things I Missed Because of Corona

I make it a habit to practice looking for the positive in all things. I believe it is always possible to find a bright spot, even in the darkest of times. Perspective creates how we feel each day and I choose to create a perspective that leads me to joy.

Looking for the positive means I first acknowledge the gravity of things, then I look for a positive perspective. While I am still acutely aware of the downside of a situation, I make a choice to look for a bright spot.

In my last blog, I wrote about the positive habits I’ve acquired due to Corona. In this blog, I will highlight the things I have missed because of Corona. It’s important to acknowledge that none of the things on my list are hardships. In fact, it is a privilege that I am able to share these as things that I have missed. I share this list from an abundance of gratitude for the life I live. I also share this list with a profound sense of compassion for those who have suffered greatly, lost jobs and income, have had to parent and co-teach and work from home all at the same time, and especially for all those who have lost their jobs or their ability to earn an income because of Coronavirus.

My Son’s Junior Prom and Senior Homecoming

Being a mom is my favorite role. I see my children as gifts and their life moments are important to me. The fact that my son had to miss his first prom and his last Homecoming is heartbreaking. He seems to be taking it in stride, but I would give anything for him to have those memories when he looks back.

College Visits

My son and I had plans to visit many California schools over Spring Break. We were going to fly into Santa Barbara, stay ten days and work our way south to San Diego. We were both excited to leave on March 14, 2020. On March 12, I reluctantly made the call to cancel the entire trip. Now, as my son applies to colleges, he is applying to each college he things he might want to attend. This creates much more work and effort on his part; it also requires us to pay many more application fees. We hope to be able to visit campuses in the spring of 2021 once he has been accepted so he can narrow down and make his choice.


We usually take the boys on summer vacation. We try to go to the beach and keep things casual with long days out in the sun and early evenings at dinner. For two weeks, I spend most of time in a swimsuit. I meditate, practice yoga and Pilates, and enjoy great food and wine. This summer we stayed home, and I never once put on a swimsuit.

Browsing Through the Store and Sipping a Coffee

I miss the pre-mask wearing days. There was an innocence in grabbing a coffee or snack and walking along sipping or munching. Getting sick or being exposed was not a concern for me or anyone else. I really miss the innocence of those days; I realize now how much I took them for granted.

Going to the Theater

I had tickets for “Mean Girls” and “Hamilton” this summer. I was so excited about both performances and was sad when the shows had to be cancelled or rescheduled. My “Hamilton” tickets now await a 2022 show date. I can’t help but wonder how the arts will survive this year and hope they receive the funding needed to thrive.

Going to the Movies

When the boys were little, taking them to the movies was one of our favorite outings. I love everything about the movie theater, especially the popcorn. What I wouldn’t give for real movie theater popcorn again…

As winter approaches, me and family will continue to be cautious. We will likely pull back from some of our normal winter outings and activities. Although things will be missed, we will create new memories. Ten years from now, when we all look back and remember Coronavirus, my hope is that we have just as many things we are thankful for as things we had to miss.

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