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Come along with me to discover your journey to a PeaceFull and inspiring life.

Try Any Class For Free: You can start right away with a Zen Break, or join us for a Guided Meditation that renews your mind and spirit as if you'd taken a two-hour nap.  Select "First Class Free" on our checkout page to enjoy any live stream or on-demand video at no cost. 


You can start your PeaceFull LIVING journey today.


Schedule Your Call With Roberta

Get a FREE call with Roberta to set goals for your health and wellness. She is a wealth of knowledge and can help you create achievable goals that work for you. Taking the time to focus on your health will put you in a much better place mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It's time to put your health & self-care first

From the comfort  of your home, you can embark on a Peaceful, Purposeful, and Personal

approach to having Pilates, Yoga and Meditation transform your life.

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The art of PeaceFull LIVING

Our hope is for you to have a healthy body and mind, feel understood and nurtured, and have a positive relationship with stress, so you can do all the things you love to do. We make it possible, right from the comfort of your own home, with PeaceFull LIVING TV.

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Works With

Your Schedule

No Fancy

Equipment Needed

Enjoy From

Any Device

Roberta's  personal guidance sets you up for whole body health.

New classes added monthly. More than 100 to choose from.

Our tailored videos get you active – on your schedule.

Watch by video or get unlimited access, you choose!



Pick up your mat and come with me

We are intentional about every class we offer. Each is crafted with a purpose to give you the tools to be the best version of yourself possible.


We offer several customized options, times and levels to fit your lifestyle, experience and budget.


You don’t have to be an expert to get started, but we have classes for those of you who are experts, too.

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Move your body, develop strength and challenge yourself with Pilates.

Get quiet and learn to "just be" through restorative meditation.

Incorporate a regular yoga practice to help you let go of distractions and nourish your spirit.



We can get you there!

Peaceful experiences center us – allowing us the rest, healing and nourishment our body, mind and spirit crave to find harmony and whole body health.


We know that isn't easy, and it's even harder to do alone. Roberta is here to personally guide you along your PeaceFull LIVING journey.

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Yoga Teacher

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Peak Pilates

Master Instructor

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Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

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Yin Yoga & Divine Sleep Yoga



Favorite Things To Live PeaceFull 


Koza Legging

If looking great and feeling even better is your thing, then Koza Leggings were made for you! With this delicate and flattering sweetheart, you'll be feeling like the beautiful woman you are!



Counterstart Cococream Cleanser

This gentle daily cleanser removes makeup and impurities without stripping away moisture.



Brunch Scrunchie

This adorable scrunchie is the perfect addition for dressing up. Throw on a Brunch Scrunchie to add a feminine touch to even the most basic of outfits!



"If you are seeking a health and wellness journey that is also personalized for you & your specific needs and intentions, then there is no one I would provide a higher recommendation to help you achieve those goals than Roberta Hughes."

Charles  M

"I’ve been training with Roberta for years. She’s a great motivator with knowledge and experience. She understands my goals and helps me stay on track with a personalized fitness plan. Roberta is the best supportive and positive leader!"

Laura M

"I was recovering from a lingering injury when I found PeaceFull Living. There are many online fitness programs, but the care and personal attention to detail that Roberta applies to her clients is UNMATCHED. "

M Gerreg

Blog with Roberta to find your inner harmony

Life is busy....we normalize stress thinking it is an everyday part of life. Roberta is here to help provide a solution to your stress and all it takes is a click and an open ear.


It’s time to reset your focus.


Check out Roberta's blog, and let it become your toolbox for managing stress and anxiety.

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