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Peaceful Winter Wellness Retreat


Get Pampered in Style

In the midst of life's perpetual whirlwind, there lies a profound wisdom in the art of "wintering." Just as the earth rests beneath its snowy blanket, we too must embrace these quieter seasons of our lives. 


Welcome to our Winter Wellness Retreat, where we believe that wintering is not simply a time to hibernate, but an intentional journey inward to nourish our souls. By dedicating this time to reflection and solitude, we discover a wellspring of resilience and inner harmony that allows us to bloom with renewed vitality through the next season of life. Wintering is not just a mere intermission; it's an essential act of self-love and self-discovery, reminding us that even in the coldest of times, our spirits can burn brightly.

Join Roberta for a nurturing, all-inclusive Winter Wellness Retreat that merges the serene beauty of the season with the healing power of mindfulness.  You'll be enveloped in a supportive community of women, where you can take a quiet step forward to nurture your spirit and nourish your soul. With daily workshops and group activities, you'll explore mindfulness practices, journaling, and other forms of self-discovery. The retreat also includes luxurious accommodations, chef-prepared meals, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Guided Meditation led by Roberta. 

We invite you to take this for YOU.  Slow down, reflect, and nurture your spirit so you can return to the flow of daily life with renewed energy. Reserve your room now, and escape to a serene winter haven where you will cultivate inner peace and rejuvenate your spirit.


King Bed Suite

Two Available. Single occupancy price:

$500 deposit then four payments of $475


Shared Suite

One Available. Double occupancy. Price per  person:

$500 deposit then four payments of $325


Queen Bed Suite

Two Available. Single occupancy price:

$500 deposit then four payments of $437.50


Girlfriend Suite

One Available. Four occupancy. Price per  person:

$500 deposit then four payments of $175

Join This Intimate 12-Person Retreat Located In Monument, Colorado

Date: February 23-25, 2024


Invest in Your Well-Being:

Escape the hustle and bustle, find your inner sanctuary, and embrace Winter Wellness. Reserve your spot today and give yourself the gift of self-care and serenity.

For booking and inquiries, contact Roberta at 720-219-4370 or

This Winter Wellness Retreat is your opportunity to recharge, find balance, and reconnect with yourself. Don't let the winter blues hold you back. Join us on this transformative journey!


Meet Your Leader

Hello, I’m Roberta Whitney Hughes. I am a yoga, Pilates, and meditation teacher. For the past 31 years, I have developed practices that help people of all ages achieve their health and wellness goals, live without pain, reduce stress, and live the life their heart desires. At this retreat, I will guide you through a transformative journey. Each moment will offer you the space and grace to nurture your spirit and nourish your soul. So, whether you're looking to "Winter" with a friend or family member, or carve out time to travel inward on your own, I invite you to join me in Monument, Colorado. Together, we will help your body rest, practice mindfulness, and help you create the life your heart desires. Let's embark on this Winter Wellness journey together. It's to go inward and connect to your inner sanctuary. 

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