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with Roberta Whitney Hughes

Discover your journey to a PeaceFull and inspiring life.

Are you a high-performing leader who operates from pressure and tension in your day-to-day role?


You can revel in your work and still feel weighed down by the burdens and expectations of what you are called to deliver each day. If you are ready to alleviate the pressures of life, bring harmony to your work and personal life, and redefine your relationship with stress, PeaceFull LIVING is the platform for you.

PeaceFull LIVING delivers simple self-care tools that will give you more energy, clear the clutter from your busy mind, and shift your relationship with stress.


With Your

Best Self




Be More


 It’s time to make yourself a priority and transform your health with The Personal Journey offered exclusively to you through this VIP offer.


The Personal Journey Includes:

  • A custom PeaceFull Living plan

  • Direct access to Roberta, your own personal health and wellness coach who constructs a program that fits your busy life

  • Accountability for your wellness and self-care goals

  • Exclusive access to livestream and on-demand Pilates, yoga, and meditation instruction 

  • Personalized live stream and on-demand class recommendations to meet your needs 

  • The results you want

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" I recently took part in Roberta Hughes' Gratitude Meditation. I struggle with quieting my mind without guidance, so this was the perfect meditation for me. Roberta guides you through the relaxation of every part of your body while reminding you about the power of gratitude. Afterward, I felt rested, rejuvenated, and seriously grounded. I'll be sure to partake in these meditations several times throughout the week."

-Colleen Biggs (Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author) 

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We are combining our top two PeaceFull Living packages into one fantastic offer. 

Custom Plan $225 + Annual Membership $360 =

The Personal Journey  ̶$̶5̶8̶5̶   VIP price $485

Are you ready to have more energy, enjoy better sleep, improve your ability to focus, and manage your stress triggers?


With your annual membership you will have 24 hour access to PeaceFull Living TV. Our easy-to-follow videos can be done in as little as 30-minutes, inspiring you to carve out small pockets of time that work with your busy schedule.


Roberta will send personal recommendations to help you find the best classes for your body, mind, and spirit. You will notice a difference in how you feel within the first week- imagine what we can do together in a year!


Move yourself to the top of your to-do list by making your wellness goals our priority!

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Works With

Your Schedule

No Fancy

Equipment Needed

Tailored Video

Journey Unique To You

Roberta's personal guidance sets you up for whole-body health.

Release Stress

with Pilates

Restore Energy

with Yoga

Renew Focus

with Meditation 

Your Personal Journey includes a PeaceFull Circle Membership.

Enjoy unlimited access to our livestream and on-demand classes. 

Livestream classes are uploaded to the on-demand library each week.


Sign up for class and take the class when it fits your schedule!

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Move your body, develop strength and challenge yourself with Pilates.

Get quiet and learn to "just be" through restorative meditation.

Incorporate a regular yoga practice to help you let go of distractions and nourish your spirit.

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Yoga Teacher

Asset 2.png

Peak Pilates

Master Instructor

Asset 1.png

Nationally Certified

Pilates Teacher

Asset 3.png

Yin Yoga & Divine

Sleep Yoga



"The meditation program has been life changing for me."


"I have been working with Roberta for a few months now. I love doing her live zoom classes and also going back and trying out all the previously recorded sessions."

Lara M

"Roberta’s Yin Yoga classes have been my happy place for the past year."


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