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Pure Energy Facial Meditation

Three years ago I was introduced to facial reflexology by my esthetician. She would offer it as part of my facial, and I enjoyed the deep relaxation that came with it. Since my eyes were closed, I was never quite sure which combination of stones and tools she used on my face. What I paid the most attention to was the deep relaxation I felt both during and after my facial.

After a few facials, my curiosity peeked, and I began to ask questions. Through our conversations, I learned how intertwined the practice of reflexology is with the practice of Yin Yoga. Both practices are formulated from the Chinese Meridian Theory. This theory supports the idea that our body is made up of a meridian system that links to each major organ. When the meridian energy is flowing and balanced, we experience a sense of health and well-being. When the energy becomes stagnant, we experience pain, stress, and illness. Where Yin Yoga supports the flow of energy through passively held postures, reflexology supports the flow of energy by stimulating certain points on the body, feet, and face.

With this new knowledge, I began experimenting with the use of stones in my daily skincare ritual. I wasn’t as skilled as my esthetician, but I could feel a difference in how my jaw and sinuses felt after I worked certain points on my face and neck.

After practicing on my own with little direction, I finally took the leap and signed up for training to dive deeper into facial reflexology. Jackie Van Ruler, the same instructor who had certified my esthetician, was offering a course called Pure Energy Facial Meditation. This course was for yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, and other health and wellness professionals who had the desire to add reflexology to their service menu. I was thrilled! I could finally blend the benefits of Pilates and Yoga with the benefits of reflexology to offer my clients a comprehensive mind, body, spirit experience.

What is Pure Energy Facial Meditation?

Pure Energy Facial Meditation (PEFM) is a gentle, relaxing facial reflexology experience that calms the brainwaves and aligns the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is responsible for metabolism, hormone balance, energy, immunity, and emotions. It is also quite vulnerable to stress and toxins; it can become easily burdened by constant exposure to stress and toxins.

When the ANS is supported, we tend to feel a sense of calm, we are able to manage stress, and our body shifts into a place of harmony. We sleep well, feel well, and tend to have more joy and success in our work and relationships. When the ANS shifts out of alignment, we often experience greater emotional distress, have difficulty coping, experience hormone shifts, and typically feel more anxious. In other words, we have trouble sleeping, rarely feel rested, get sick more often, and feel an overall unease or heaviness.

Simply put, Pure Energy Facial Meditation, is a way to release stress and relieve tension so the body can rest and the nervous system can realign itself.

Benefits of PEFM include:

• better sleep

• reduced anxiety

• ability to manage stress

• reduced signs of aging

• improved circulation

• reduced inflammation

• a sense of peace and calm

• better connection in relationships

• less reactive

• increased hair growth

• faster recovery from illness, surgery and injury

• ability to fight off viruses

• reduced pain in back, neck and shoulders

• more energy

How PEFM Has Helped Me

I have been practicing PEFM on myself for four weeks now. My daily session fits perfectly into my bedtime ritual. Following my skincare routine, I spend 20-30 minutes “studying” and practicing the PEFM techniques on my own face. After a few short weeks, I am falling asleep more easily and waking up rested in the morning. My ability to flow through transitions has improved, and I feel less stressed with all of the traveling I have been doing this month. I have also noticed that my complexion appears brighter and my face looks less stressed.

What You Need to Know Before Your First Session

For best results with PEFM, it is important to do your first five sessions within a two-week period. Sessions average 25-50 minutes depending on the experience you choose.

Allow a full hour for your first session. Before you begin, you will complete a health form and have the opportunity to talk through any concerns.

Come with a clean, dry face, and wear comfortable clothing. If your body tends to get cold, bring a warm pair of socks and a sweater. A blanket will be offered to help keep you warm during your treatment.

For the treatment, you will lie down on a table and close your eyes. A tool called “The Magic Wand” will be used to stimulate points on your face from your head to your chin and all of the spaces in between. The technique is gentle, and you will have the opportunity to

breathe, relax, and rest during the session. Following the session, you will want to drink lots of water to hydrate and flush the toxins released during your session.

Roberta is now offering Pure Energy Facial Meditation in her VIP Memberships at no additional cost. Single sessions and multi-packs are also available for booking for all membership levels and guests! See more on Pure Energy Facial Meditation now or request more information on your free Discovery Call through the PeaceFull LIVING website. Start bringing more peaceful moments into your everyday life.

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